Learner2Earner is a modern career education program that helps students take action – today – toward a meaningful career.

Why Learner2Earner for your school?

We reach all students where they are.

All Learner2Earner programs are led by trained facilitators to ensure all students are prepared to use our method and tools to put their big break into action. All of our facilitators are trained to use our career content, method, and tools to help students develop and achieve thematic, project, interdisciplinary, and career goals.

First, we offer Learner2Earner Days, which aim to replace the traditional career day. Learner2Earner Day teaches students a foundational curriculum that supports Learner2Earner Workshops and Learner2Earner Year.

Second, we offer Learner2Earner Workshops that support your existing classroom curriculum. These reinforce and build on the information learned during Learner2Earner Day. Each Learner2Earner Workshop is 45 minutes of powerful and actionable instruction designed to get students engaged in learning about work and themselves.

Third, we can embed our content, Learner2Earner Year, into your existing curriculum, aligning it with your school’s standards and training your teachers to deliver Learner2Earner content. Learner2Earner Year is designed to result in securing a workplace experience.

Your school will benefit from
Learner2Earner programs by:

Offering an innovative and engaging curriculum to provide transferrable work and life skills

Using tested workplace methods and tools adapted for academic use

Enabling students to develop actionable career models

Building community relationships through student success goals