Parents & Students

All Learner2Earner programs are led by trained facilitators to ensure our students are prepared to use our method and tools to put their big break into action.

What is their big break?

An actionable model that results in doing meaningful work.

The trained facilitator will help your student develop their sense of self by ensuring that they can:


Start where they are today, work in the present, test their future, and do (take action!).


Realize they do belong, and there is a workplace for everyone.

Open Up

Open themselves up to possibilities. Let others see what they’re thinking and help them do the things they want to do.

Question Everything

Question everything, including themselves. They will work to distinguish the difference between the assumptions, opinions, and facts that are a part of their models.

Be Brave and Wise

Be brave enough to model the work they want to do, and wisely adapt their models as the world changes around them.


Adapt the models of who they are before they are forced to make rush (or rash) decisions.

Make Decisions

Make decisions based on the kind of work and life they want after school.

Your child will benefit from
Learner2Earner programs by:

Having career conversations using a visual tool

Learning to critically explore and analyze the workplace

Creating actionable models and acting on those models in the workplace

Learning to interact with workplace professionals