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Learner2Earner is more than a career plan.
It's a working model for today and the future.

is a modern career education program for students.

It differs from traditional career planning in three crucial ways:

First, Learner2Earner modernizes career guidance by teaching young people systems, systems thinking, and entrepreneurial competencies in order to connect them to a workplace and to life.

Then, Learner2Earner flips the career development approach: instead of asking students to define themselves, Learner2Earner starts by defining work.

And finally, Leaner2Earner disrupts the career planning approach. Instead of using traditional career planning’s “select and wait” method, Learner2Earner shows students how to test and do — from Day One. It teaches students to spot and test opportunities, then put their ideas about work and life into action — now rather than later.

Our story
starts with Joe

The truth is, in today’s global career education landscape, the only measure of a successful career education program is if a student has chosen a career path planning category. Think engineer, nurse, or doctor.

That sounds great, but work doesn’t actually work that way. And preparing students for making the school-to-work transition requires more than one broad career path planning category or job title.

Here’s how a career path plan (theoretically) happens…

At the beginning of the school year, Joe is asked to use the same old “select and wait” career programming. He gets on the computer, takes his interest inventories and assessments, maybe watches a few career videos, and magically he is able to spot the perfect job opportunity and gather the resources he needs to put ideas into action. The computer selects a career path plan for Joe: he will be perfect as an engineer.

And then Joe waits.

He waits to graduate.

He waits to take the designated courses.

He waits to find a job.

This method of career guidance is known as the “select and wait” method because it does not involve any actual practical career innovation investigation or testing – his career education isn’t tied to any transferrable competencies. There is nothing for the student to do to start putting his ideas into action toward finding meaningful work.

Additionally, traditional career planning programs train young people to believe the workplace is stable and unchanging, and that they will likely go on to work in the field of study they “planned” for.

However, when Joe is finally done waiting and enters the workforce, he finds his work unengaging. He starts wondering if “paying your dues” means meaningless and unengaging work is part of the job.

We say no more “select and wait.”

Let’s get them to Test and Do – Today.

Joe’s big break starts here.
And it can start for your students too!

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We ensure that all students are able to put their visions into action by using Learner2Earner’s first principles of work and life:

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“Preparing my students for a dynamic, constantly changing workplace is the best way to support them to make decisions. Learner2Earner helps me do this.”


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I recognized Learner2Earner as the career education program my students needed as soon as I started learning new things about work and the workplace. It’s innovative, engaging, and actionable.              



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