Learner2Earner Day

We created Learner2Earner Day Because Every Student Deserves a Big Break

Is your Career Day giving your students the career break they need?
Probably not.

What is Learner2Earner Day?

Learner2Earner Day brings the Career Day into the modern world by teaching students to use models to explore both organizations and work roles.

It’s a day that gets young people curious about work and interacting with workplace professionals from the first day. So, on the last day of school, their ideas about life beyond school are already in action.

Imagine your students learning career development competencies, methods, and tools during a Career Day.

What would this look like in your school or organization?

Who is Learner2Earner
day for?

It’s for everyone! We can help schools or organizations host a Learner2Earner Day, or we can host one for small private groups.

How does Learner2Earner Day work?

Learner2Earner Day is active and lasting. In just three hours, students will take part in learning and development activities designed for immediate transferrable use in the Learner2Earner Lab and in life. The Learner2Earner Lab is a group of businesses and organizations hosted by their employees, called Workplace Guides.

In the Learner2Earner Lab, students will interact with Workplace Guides differently; they will explore the organizations with models and begin to learn how to test their ideas about work and the workplace.

Rather than simply collect brochures they’ll never read and politely but passively engage with workplace professionals…

This Career Day gets students engaged and excited about work.

Gets students to talk about work – work that suits them.

Work is always changing, but there are some key understandings about work that are global and unchanging like:

What will students be able to do after Learner2Earner Day?

Your students will thank you for the rest of their working lives.

If you are a group, organization, or school, Learner2Earner Day can be held in-person at your location or virtually – learn more here.

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