Earning Model

The Learner2Earner Method and Tool That Turns Work Exploration into Work and Life Action

Learner2Earner uses a
simple method and tool

Here’s how: The programming teaches a visual, model-based method for understanding any employer and any workplace. Once this modeling method is understood, learners can readily “see” what a particular occupational workplace is like—and get a strong sense of the actual worker/workplace experience—as opposed to imagining work or occupations based on stereotypes or external cues. What’s more, using this tool naturally imparts to learners an understanding of workplaces as systems in which people serve in interdependent roles: in short, how employers operate and what people actually do at work.


The tool that facilitates this understanding is called the Earning Model Canvas, a variation of the Business Model Canvas developed and refined over more than two decades by Professor Yves Pigneur of the University of Lausanne and his colleague Dr. Alexander Osterwalder.

The Canvas is a robust tool that has undergone extensive construct validation and empirical testing and has been used by tens of thousands of government agencies, non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and corporations worldwide. Until now, its use in education has been largely limited to graduate business schools. Once learners master use of the Earning Model Canvas, they are ready to explore different organizations and different work roles (one of Learner2Earner’s defining philosophies is that students should understand how workplaces operate before they undergo personality, aptitude, or interest testing).

Learners will explore different types of work by modeling occupations and their respective workplaces, and then test their earning models outside the classroom. This can lead to a culminating activity or decision about the work-related steps to be taken following graduation or the end of a school year.

Supported by the Learner2Earner program, our method and Earning Model, students will build and apply the top skills employers look for:

Understanding Systems

Utilizing System Thinking

Utilizing Entrepreneurial Search Skills

Workplace innovation skills: ideation, adaptability, and execution

...and they discover who they are along the way…