All Learner2Earner programs are led by trained facilitators to ensure our students are prepared to use our method and tools to put their big break into action.

The big break involves connecting students to systems they will be a part of in the future—today.

Your system. Your organization.

As educators, we can’t be everything to our students; we must get help. We need Key Partners—like you—to help our students realize their career and life goals. 

What can you do? Partner with us! Students can’t do it alone and neither can we.

Students’ ideas about life and work are put into action through our collaborations with organizations. Whether you are a large team or a solo entrepreneur, we want our students to have access through our Key Partners program to the resources they need to build robust and actionable Earning Models.

Become a Key Partner (and a Key Resource) in a student’s journey to life beyond school.


We offer a variety of workshops that can be hosted at your site or in school.


Our students share their Earning Models and test their ideas with you.


Once students complete their models, they put their ideas into action by working.


We use donations to help students participate in internships and to ensure schools can offer our programming regardless of their financial restrictions.

Your organization will benefit from
partnering with Learner2Earner by:

the next generation of workers

Building community relations

Sharing professional knowledge and experience

Supporting local schools and academic outcomes