Training & Certification

All Learner2Earner programs are led by trained facilitators to ensure our students are prepared to use our method and tools to put their big break into action.

Facilitators can receive training to deliver a single workshop, or they can become certified to teach all Learner2Earner programming by becoming a Business Model You® Certified Practitioner.

Learner2Earner options include:

Facilitator training

We have workshops available now if you would like to become a trained facilitator to teach your own students.

Business Model You® Certification

Become a certified practitioner of both the Business Model You® and the Learner2Earner programs. Certification will include the Business Model You®training and all Learner2Earner workshop trainings.

Anchor Workshop Training

Learn to deliver a specific Learner2Earner Workshop in your classroom. Each of our nine anchor workshops covers a different Learner2Earner competency and has a unique training session focused on that content.

Training includes:

Becoming A

Certified Practitioner

The anchor of Learner2Earner programming is the Business Model Methodology and the Work Model Canvas that is adapted for youth from the Work Model used by thousands of workplace professionals.

By using Learner2Earner programming, students are able to visually model their ideas about meaningful work and life and use an iterative career methodology to put their model into action.

Learner2Earner’s cofounder, Dr. Timothy Clark, is the creator of this groundbreaking methodology and author of the bestselling book Business Model You. Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training is taught by Dr. Timothy Clark.

If you are a certificated educator in middle school, high school, or higher education, upon completing the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training, you automatically become a Learner2Earner Certified Practitioner. If you are not currently a certificated educator, you will need to complete all 9 Learner2Earner Anchor Workshop Trainings before you receive your certification.

What qualifications are needed to enroll in the training if I am not an educator? Prospective participants should have at least 1) five years of progressively responsible full-time work experience, 2) experience supervising, leading, coaching, counseling, or consulting with others regarding work-related issues, and 3) enthusiasm for and basic familiarity with the Business Model You® methodology. This familiarity can be readily gained by reading the book and doing some of the exercises beforehand. You do not have to be a highly experienced facilitator or charismatic speaker to successfully deliver sessions using the Business Model You® methodology. The basic workshop method is designed around peer and group work and is logically structured to provide a powerful, engaging experience for all learners. The training itself is an ideal forum for observing, emulating, and practicing good facilitation, training, and coaching techniques.

Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training

In seven immersive online training sessions, you will master the business model methodology as taught by its founder, Dr. Clark, and learn to apply it in your own professional practice. What’s more, you will enjoy powerful feedback from like-minded colleagues working in a range of industries, giving you additional insights into how you can use the method both within organizations and as an independent professional. Participants who complete the training will be awarded a Certified Business Model You® Practitioner certificate, testifying to their expertise and commitment to the methodology. Training includes:

Do you need to be a Business Model You® Certified Practitioner to facilitate Learner2Earner workshops?

No, but there are benefits to being certified, including:

Certification Q&A

When and where will the next training be held?

See the Events page on for details on upcoming Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Training sessions.

For Anchor Workshop Trainings, check out the Learner2Earner booking page.

Is the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training available online?

Yes, currently training sessions are available exclusively online. Please visit for more details.

What is the relationship between Business Model You, LLC and Business Model Youth, LLC?

Business Model Youth, LLC has developed a high school career curriculum which is based on the Business Model You® methodology. If you are a public or private school employee with two years of full-time teaching, facilitating, or administrative experience, undergoing the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training automatically grants you Business Model Youth Practitioner status.