Learner2Earner Workshops

Learner2Earner Programming Gets Students Doing Exciting and Engaging Work in the Classroom and the Workplace

The foundation of Learner2Earner is our 9 competencies, and they are the basis for our skills-building workshops. Students will learn a variety of methods and tools that are used in the workplace to support their career development for a lifetime. 

Who are these workshops for?

Our workshops are for high school and post-secondary-age students.

Are there prerequisites?

Learner2Earner workshops are modular introductory workshops; no prerequisites are required.

What is the learning environment like?

Students are taught cohort-style—in collaborative, dynamic, and safe virtual workshops—to provide an authentic and diversified working and learning environment. All Learner2Earner workshops are taught by certified Learner2Earner practitioners.

“Learning how to do career exploration using the Earning Model helped me learn things I really need to know about job roles .” —Jason, High School

“Using the Earning Model has helped me understand more about myself and the work I like to do.” —Michele, University

“Learner2Earner workshops are interesting and engaging – the time flies by!” —Kate, High School

“Learning the Learner2Earner methodology is a skill that I will use for the rest of my life.” —Lucas, University

FREE Workshop

Becoming a
Work Explorer

A Preview of Learner2Earner Workshops

Becoming a Work Explorer introduces you to the engaging format of our workshops through 2 modules that your students will experience in other workshops.


How to Develop Bold Models for Work and Life So You Are Doing Work That Is Important to You

Learner2Earner First Principles develop bold goals, keep career exploration focused, and are used as a personal assessment of what matters most to oneself in both work and life.

How to Use Entrepreneurial Skills for Career Exploration So You Can Always Find Meaningful Work

The Learner2Earner Entrepreneurial Search develops the skills to spot opportunities and gather key resources, which are then utilized to create an actionable Earning Model.

How to Define Work in the Workplace So You Can Master Any Interview

The Learner2Earner Definition of Work develops an understanding of value and then shifts exploration from job titles to value-providing actions. This supports an understanding of what key resources are needed to provide value in a role or an organization.

How to Use Systems and Systems Thinking to Understand the Employer You Work For

Learner2Earner Systems and Systems Thinking develop an understanding of how work actually works through understanding the interdependent connections that exist within the workplace and throughout life.

How to Explore the Hidden Layers of the Workplace So You Can Connect Yourself to the Workplace

The Learner2Earner Layers of Work develop an understanding of workplace fit through the layers that create an organization. These layers allow a view of the connections within the oftentimes hidden parts of an organization and a work  role.

How to Do Career Exploration with Business Models So You Can Discover Workplace Fit

The Learner2Earner Business Model develops an understanding of an organization’s purpose through providing value to its customers.

How to Spot and Utilize Key Activities in a Work Role So You Are a Valuable Member of the Workplace

The Learner2Earner Activities into Value develops an understanding of how a job role works within an organizational system, which allows one to distinguish the key resources needed to work within a role.

How to Do Career Exploration with Earning Models So You Can Put Your Work Role into Action

The Learning2Earner Earning Model develops an understanding of how a work role works and helps develop one’s bold goal that connects with life.

How to Use an Iterative Method So You Can Put Your Bold Model into Action

The Learner2Earner Business Model Methodology develops transferable skills through applied career innovation competencies by testing an Earning Model. Once a developed Earning Model is fully tested, it can be put into action right away.